J Russell Huie, PhD

Postdoctoral Scholar

Current Professional Interests and Activities

Dr. Huie is currently studying the role of inflammatory cytokines in the injured spinal cord environment. Interested in the ways in which these cytokines may negatively impact spinal plasticity after injury and the therapeutic potential for inhibition of these agents in promoting functional recovery after spinal cord injury. Using biochemical and confocal microscopic techniques, Dr. Huie is also investigating how injury changes excitatory processes in the spinal cord, and how these changes may affect behavioral recovery from injury.

Education and Training

  • May 2003 B.S. Psychology Texas A&M University
  • May 2008 M.S. Psychology Texas A&M University
  • December 2010 Ph.D. Psychology Texas A&M University

Previous Positions

Undergraduate Research Assistant (2002 – 2003) Texas A&M University
Dr. James Grau

Research Technician (2003- 2005) Texas A&M University
Dr. James Grau

Graduate Student (2005-2010), Texas A&M University
Dr. James Grau

Graduate Teaching Assistant (2005-2009), Texas A&M University
Drs. James Grau, Michelle Hook, Barry Setlow

Postdoctoral Scholar (2010-current), University of California, San Francisco
Drs. Michael Beattie, Jacqueline Bresnahan, Adam Ferguson

Professional Memberships and Appointments

Society for Neuroscience, Student Member (2005-Present)

Southwestern Psychological Association, (2008-Present)

Southwestern Comparative Psychology Association (2008-Present)

National Neurotrauma Society (2011-Present)

Honors and Awards

Texas A&M University Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience Travel Award, 2005-2009.

Texas A&M University Recovery of Function Program Travel Award, 2005- 2009.

Best Graduate Student Presentation Award, Annual Southwestern Comparative Psychology Association Conference, Georgetown, TX April 3-4, 2008.

Texas A&M University Distinguished Graduate Student Doctoral Research Award, 2011

J Russell Huie, PhD
Postdoctoral Scholar
Brain and Spinal Injury Center
1001 Potrero Ave, Bldg. 1, Rm. 101, San Francisco, CA 94110
Phone: 415-206-8753
Email: huier@neurosurg.ucsf.edu