With Dangers of Everyday Concussions Revealed, Scientists Race to Find Solutions

https://www.ucsf.edu/news/2018/10/412006/danger-common-concussions-revealed-researchers-race-find-solutions Millions of Americans Suffer Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries Every Year By Nina Bai on October 17, 2018 A bump to the head from slipping on the stairs, falling off a skateboard, or running into an open cupboard door has long been seen as a temporary injury, something resolved with a little rest. But a growing body of…

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UCSF-Led Consortium Studying Traumatic Brain Injury Receives $26.2 Million

Development of new therapies to treat traumatic brain injury or TBI has received a boost thanks to a $26.2-million award bestowed on a research consortium led by the University of California at San Francisco, university officials announced today. The award, from the U.S. Army Medical Materiel Development Activity, allows the consortium to lead clinical trials…

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E&C Commences Concussion Review – Dr. Manley

Dr. Geoff Manley presents on the topic of Concussion Research and Treatment at the roundtable discussion held at the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations in Washington DC. March 14, 2016: Concussion Research and Treatment

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