Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), known as the "silent epidemic",  affects millions of individuals annually.  In fact, 1.7 million people in the United States suffer a traumatic brain injury annually. 

At San Francisco General Hospital, the majority of the patients seen with traumatic brain injury have concussions.  Generally, treated and released from the Emergency Department, these patients are provided with educational materials and a follow up appointment in our Concussion Clinic.  The remaining 22% of patients are admitted for treatment and observation. 

Over 50% of the patients are over the age of 50 years which reflects the aging populaiton of San Francisco County.  This is also reflected in the mechanism of injury where more than half of the injuries are due to falls.  In our community outreach efforts, significant attention is given to our elderly population and educating them about potential falls risks within their home and their community.

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The following internet resources are courtesy of SCVMC Technology Access Program. 

Medline Plus – Traumatic Brain Injuries

The Medline website features an interactive tutorial (also available in Spanish)on traumatic brain injury, as well as links to other websites containing information relevant to TBI such as anatomy and physiology, clinical trials and research, rehabilitation and recovery, and links to TBI related directories and organizations. Information is available in multiple languages including Spanish, French, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Somali and Ukranian.

Shepherd Center

This website offers education modules featuring topics related to traumatic brain injury at    two different levels, for both patients/families and healthcare professionals. Topics include   Cognitive and Behavior Issues, Affect and Emotion, Family Issues, Bowel and Bladder Care, Seizure Care, Medications, and Dual Diagnosis (TBI/SCI). Many of the modules are available in Spanish.

University of Alabama at Birmingham Traumatic Brain Injury Model System                 

Provides information on a variety of issues relevant to TBI, including Information Sheets and Rehab Tip Sheets, which are available for download on issues including: Changes in Emotions Following TBI, Cognitive Difficulties, Management of Behavioral Problems, Post Traumatic Seizures, Wheelchair Positioning, and more.  The UAB Home-Based Cognitive Stimulation Program is available for free at this website and provides activities designed to assist the individual in recovery of their thinking skills following brain injury. Caregiver’s Guide to Self-Health is an interactive program designed to empower caregivers with techniques to help improve their health and quality of life by solving problems and reducing stress.

Traumatic Brain Injury National Resource Center

The Virginia Commonwealth University website provides practical information for professionals, persons with brain injury and their families, friends and caregivers.  Free resources available for download include newsletter articles on topics ranging from “What Happens to Relationships After Brain Injury”, “Strategies for Remembering Names”, “Understanding Your Emotions”, and “Managing Stress Effectively After TBI”.           

Features “Chat with Pat” where an expert on TBI confidentially answers your personal questions about TBI with compassion and practical advice.

Craig Hospital

Craig’s website offers online educational brochures on 7 subjects related to TBI covering a selection of topics including: Understanding Medical Articles, Fatigue and TBI, Social       Communication, Exercise and Your Brain, Survival After TBI, Environmental Barriers, and Cognitive Rehabilitation..  Brochures are available in s short, easy version, or more detailed   version. Printed versions are also available and can be requested via e-mail link on the website.

Louis Calder Memorial Library, University of Miami School of Medicine                                                                
Comprehensive information on traumatic brain injury rehabilitation for healthcare providers, patients and families covering a variety of issues.  The TBI Handbooks for Patients and Providers is an online manual with information on TBI and the rehabilitation process for professionals, patients and families. These manuals are a comprehensive, readily accessible, on-line resource that can be used by the rehabilitation team, patients and family to support patient care and education.

Brain Injury Association of America

BIAA is a leading national organization offering information, support and advocacy to individuals with brain injury, families and professionals. The BIAA website provides information on Living with Brain Injury, Types of Brain Injury, Brain Maps, information on treatment and rehabilitation (including sections on what to expect at each phase of TBI, from ICU to Community Re-entry).

BrainLine – Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center

BrainLine provides information on preventing, treating and living with TBI for individuals with TBI, family and friends,  and professionals. The website incorporates an “Ask the Expert” feature, as well as personal stories and videos of TBI survivors, and information on a variety of TBI related topics. Excellent video and multimedia resources relevant to TBI, including webcasts by experts in the TBI field. Available in Spanish.

Centre for Neuro Skills

This site offers educational materials in Spanish and English about traumatic brain injury.  Contains extensive articles on recovery and what to expect after a TBI.  Special section on sexuality after TBI, rarely discussed in the acute setting.